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In your physical as well as your mental sufferings, My daughter, do not seek sympathy from creatures. I want the fragrance of your suffering to be pure and unadulterated. I want you to detach yourself, not only from creatures, but also from yourself…The more you will come to love suffering, My daughter, the purer your love for Me will be.

John Chrysostom.

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God exists: that is the real message of Easter. Anyone who even begins to grasp what this means also knows what it means to be redeemed. She knows what sin is, not by the experience of its fall, not by tasting its bitter regrets, but by seeing what it did to her Divine Son. You were made for greatness. It gives strength and meaning to all my activities of service to the Church and to the world. Catherine of Siena.

K Chesterton. John Vianney. That is all the doing you have to worry about.

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Jeanne de Chantal. Padre Pio.

Teresa of Avila. You can never love her more than Jesus did. Maximilian Kolbe. Ignatius of Loyola. Augustine of Hippo. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

I will strengthen you, and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice. Let no man therefore despair of his own salvation. Cyril of Jerusalem. Change the focus. Get a new center. Will what God wills, and your joy no man shall take from you. It enables us to see God in all things as well as all things in God.

Lent and Easter Wisdom from Pope John Paul II

Dominic Savio. Bernard of Clairvaux. Thomas Aquinas. I spent My earthly existence in humiliations and scorn and in a hidden life. It was thus that I glorified My Father, laid the foundations of My Church, and remedied the evils of pride. This is the path that thou must follow. Never a flower shall I find but its petals shall be scattered for you; and all the while I will sing; yes, always sing, even when gathering roses in the midst of thorns; and the longer and sharper the thorns may be, the sweeter shall be my song!

Therese of Lisieux. He is offering up his sufferings to God, and many a time he is praying much, more truly than one who goes away by himself and meditates his head off, and, if he has squeezed out a few tears, thinks that is prayer.

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Gemma Galgani. Josemaria Escriva. Sica, this 48 page book shows how no matter what life hands you, Jesus walks the path beside you. This addition to the Bringing Lent Home series focuses on the life and wisdom of recently canonized St. John Paul II. Timeless words from the pen of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen inspire the heart and imagination as readers embark on a Lenten journey toward a better understanding of their spiritual selves.

Analyzes the relation between the seven recorded words that Mary spoke in the Gospels and seven last words of her Son as He hung on the cross. This classic work from the pen of Archbishop Fulton J. Outside the Creed itself, there are few topics to which the Fathers testify as universally and unanimously as the pious practice of making, frequently and well, the Sign of the Cross. Absorb the wisdom in these holy pages, and you ll soon make true progress on your spiritual journey and navigate with confidence the treacherous waters of our secular world. Few things in this earthly life are absolutely certain, but the most undebatable of these is death.