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Prather , and P. He made his first professional short story sale that same year, a science-fiction tale titled "Welcome, Martians! The name Evan Hunter is generally believed to have been derived from two schools he attended, Evander Childs High School and Hunter College, although the author himself would never confirm that.

He did confirm that Hunt Collins was derived from Hunter College. Lombino legally changed his name to Evan Hunter in May , after an editor told him that a novel he wrote would sell more copies if credited to Evan Hunter than to S. Thereafter, he used the name Evan Hunter both personally and professionally. As Evan Hunter, he gained notice with his novel Blackboard Jungle dealing with juvenile crime and the New York City public school system.

The film adaptation followed in During this era, Hunter also wrote a great deal of genre fiction. He was advised by his agents that publishing too much fiction under the Hunter byline, or publishing any crime fiction as Evan Hunter, might weaken his literary reputation.

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Consequently, during the s Hunter used the pseudonyms Curt Cannon, Hunt Collins, and Richard Marsten for much of his crime fiction. A prolific author in several genres, Hunter also published approximately two dozen science fiction stories and four science-fiction novels between and under the names S. Addams, and Ted Taine. Ed McBain, his best known pseudonym, was first used with Cop Hater , the first novel in the 87th Precinct crime series.

Hunter revealed that he was McBain in but continued to use the pseudonym for decades, notably for the 87th Precinct series, and the Matthew Hope detective series. From then on crime novels were generally attributed to McBain and other sorts of fiction to Hunter. Reprints of crime-oriented stories and novels written in the s previously attributed to other pseudonyms were re-issued under the McBain byline. Hunter stated that the division of names allowed readers to know what to expect: McBain novels had a consistent writing style, while Hunter novels were more varied.

Under the Hunter name, novels steadily appeared throughout the s, s, and early s, including Come Winter and Lizzie Hunter was also successful as screenwriter for film and television. He wrote the screenplay for the Hitchcock film The Birds , loosely adapted from Daphne du Maurier 's eponymous novelette.

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In the process of adapting Winston Graham 's novel Marnie for Hitchcock, Hunter and the director disagreed on the rape scene, and the writer was sacked. Hunter's other screenplays included Strangers When We Meet , based on his own novel; and Fuzz , based on his eponymous 87th Precinct novel, which he had written as Ed McBain. From until his death, McBain's 87th Precinct novels appeared at a rate of approximately one or two novels a year.

From to , McBain published a series about lawyer Matthew Hope; books in this series appeared every year or two, and usually had titles derived from well-known children's stories. For about a decade, from to , Hunter published no fiction under his own name. It might have even been a part of a series, with this being the first book.

Hey, I'm looking for a contemporary romance that I read about five maybe six years ago. I don't have the best recollection of the names in the book the only thing I can really remember are a few scenes from the book. The main scene I remember is that the book starts out with the heroine who is really shy being afraid of her mom's boyfriend because he's a creepy drunk. One night I don't think her mom is there so the heroine locks her door so he doesn't get into her room. The boyfriend starts to knock on her door and instead of waiting around for him to do something the heroine sneaks out the window.

She then runs over to the hero's house and she ends up losing her virginity to him. They were both young and they both cared for each other. I think they somehow got separated at some point and don't see each other until later on in life when they are a tad bit older.

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Yet, I'm not entirely certain of this or how they got separated. I just know that the girl never did suffer any abuse from her mom's boyfriend and that there is a happily ever after between the hero and heroine. I did read this on my kindle when I had one so I don't know if there is a hard copy or not of this book. Any suggestions would be great please. I'm looking for a romance novel, I usually read Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Johnana Lindsey and others like them but can't remember who wrote this book. Lady is on vacation and meets a man who helps save a dog. She had taken migraine meds and ended up prego but does not tell him.

She has a son and takes offer her family restaurant. The son is kidnapped and she turns to the guy to help pay for the ransom. I think he owns planes or likes flying planes and the son is found who looks just like him and he and the girl get married.

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Hi all, new here but really wanting to reread a book I read around 15 years ago. It probably from the early to mid 90's Historical Romance. The Heroin is named Margaret or Meg. The hero is from a titled family but they have a genetic issue. They have club foot or hair lip children. The hero's father married several times but the hero is the only child born without a defect. All his other siblings and half siblings were killed soon after birth by his father.

The heroin was a ward of their family and was a blonde girl when the hero left the home. Years later he meets her again but she is now brunette and his father's widow.

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He doesn't know who she is at first. His father tried killing her and she fought back and killed him. The hero's uncle is determined to convict her for murder though. This is set in England I want to say 's but not sure on that. The hero is also a highway man or similar- he rejected his family and hasn't contacted any of them since his mother's death. He only discovers that Meg, this woman he rescued bleeding and is in love with, is Margaret after his uncle convinced him to investigate his father's "murder".

His uncle has a club foot. I want to say at one point they are in newgate prison towards the beginning. Meg had a baby and that is how the story begins. The hero's father sees the newborn is disfigured and kills him and then turns to kill Meg. If anyone knows this novel please let me know.

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Thanks Cp Decided to repost this here as it seems more active-been looking for months now. I think it is Every Breath You Take but it might be one of her other contemporaries. Hi I'm new to this website. I'm looking for a young adult romance book about a girl that lives next door to a childhood friend. She was already friends with a boy and he later is killed. At first the girl and her new neighbor hate each other.

Then they fall in love. He is then sent away to a military school or something after the girl is almost raped by one of her moms boyfriends. While he's away the girl is tricked by his did and he rapes her and tied her up. He's a judge. The boys mom is in a wheelchair. After she reports it she moves away and she works in a tattoo shop. Her boyfriend is a drug dealer or something and he's plotting to kill her.

He hires the guy that was her childhood friend who is an undercover cop to kill her. Then they end up together. The author apparently based it off of actual events that happened to her. This was a great book and I have no clue what it's called or who wrote it. Can anyone help me? Hey there! Book 1 The heroine was "dumped" by her husband after he came home to find her totally out of it in their bed room and everything seemed like she had been entertaining a lover as there were champagne glasses, the bed was messed up etc.

I think it was the hero's brother or cousin or something like that who informed and also who'd set up the charade the husband to come home.

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The hero took their child I think it's a young boy with him to Italy or Greece maybe? Then he's totally surprised because opposite to what he's been told by his brother, the heroine is a really good and caring mother etc. EDIT: I found out the title of book 1!

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  • I'm leaving this here for others who might eventually look for the book but not remember the title or author. But he wants her to act horribly so that his family will be glad, if he breaks it up and stays solo instead of having such an awful woman. I believe the books were published somewhen between and The first one had lots of red on the cover, if I'm not wrong.

    Both were not historical romances and I think they both involved foreign guy heros from Italy, Greece or Spain or something like that.