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Die freundlichen Geister. Geschichten aus Laos by Martina Sylvia Khamphasith liked it 3. Xieng Mieng. Sithon und Manola.

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Stories from Laos by Martina Sylvia Khamphasith 0. A foul-smelling ghost who appears as a normal person in the daytime, Phi Phong feeds on unpleasant foods such as frogs, forcing many to stay indoors if they hear the noises of frogs nearby for fear of bumping into him.

Asia Thailand History. The 13 Most Terrifying Ghosts in Thailand. Save to Wishlist. Thailand is known around the world as the Land of Smiles, but just as prevalent as the cheery grins is the widely-held belief in ghosts. Mae Nak. Phi Pop.

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Nang Tani. Phi Am. Phi Tai Hong. Phi Lang Kluang. Phi Kee. Kuman Thong. Phi Phong. Phi Kong Koi. The smell was bad; it tasted salty.

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We weren't concerned about food; the lack of water was the biggest problem. On day four, all of us felt as if we had sores in our throats. We traveled a very little distance. On the fifth day, DeBruin went into convulsions. My friends were unable to bring him out of it, so I tried another method. I urinated into his mouth.

It worked! He choked, got up and ran away. We had to catch and hold him until he regained his senses. Captured Again I believe the soldiers weren't far behind, because we had left a lot of tracks.

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Near daylight on the sixth day, we heard the sound of frogs, indicating there might be water. We increased our pace in the direction of the sound. I walked ahead and found a water pond about four yards across and knee deep. When I scooped up the water into my mouth, I saw the reflection of a person in a Laotian military outfit standing on the cliff overlooking the pond.

I jumped for cover and shouted for the others to beware. It was too late. To and DeBruin had plunged into the pond. At the same time the sound of gunfire was heard in all directions. They had us surrounded. They shouted that we would be killed if we tried to flee. We all walked out and sat down in the pond.

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We didn't care if they killed us or not. After they pulled us out of the water, they handcuffed us and put nooses around our necks. We walked about two hours to a small village. They beat us incessantly along the way. They wanted to know who led the escape. After some preliminary interrogation, they tied my legs to DeBruin's and hoisted us up a tree with out heads hanging about six feet off the ground.

Laos town known for drunkenness and tourist deaths cleans up its act

Not satisfied, they had the villagers find a red ant nest and beat the nest over our bodies. The ants bit us all over, but that pain was nothing compared to the pain in my ankles. I passed out and came to about dusk. I saw DeBruin laying beside me with his eyes closed. Our three friends had already been taken away. That night they brought us one ear of boiled corn to eat.

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We ate it all, including the cob. The next morning we were herded along a trail until dark, at which time I knew that we were back at Lang Khang. Back At Lang Khang We were put into a barbed-wire pen and learned that our friends were being held in a corrugated tin cell. Three days later we changed places. All five of us were black and blue from the beatings.

After three more days, they put all of us back into the cell from which we escaped. They weren't suspicious about how we got out of the foot traps and handcuffs. They thought that they had forgotten to lock us up on the day we escaped. The guards were replaced by a new team that was a lot stricter than the other teams. On August 22, , a truck pulled up in front, and soldiers carried a cardboard box to our cell. They told us it contained things that were sent to us by a "neutral party.

There were also canned goods, soap and cigarettes. Based on the date of the Christmas card, these things had probably been held for eight months before the package got to us. Before dawn the next day, we boarded a Russian military truck and traveled through the jungle, mountains and valleys.